‘Mentor - Anyone can say they are a mentor, make sure you choose a mentor who has achieved in the real world’
bmm- Mentor
‘I started at the bottom at worked my way to the top!....Now I help people and businesses get there too’

Mentor Services…

You may at this point not be totally sure what your looking for from a mentor, but you know you need help from someone. Maybe you are struggling with achieving your next goal, or not even sure what that is, what will you do next? You know your business could be doing better, but not sure you have the skills to take the business further, what will you do?

This is where bmm comes in; all of bmm's mentors have achieved in the real world and have a success story to tell.

All of bmm's mentors have gained significant experience, business know-how and a track record of success in Ireland, the UK, Europe and Asia. This is no accident – It’s taken hard work, a willingness to take risks and take on businesses that were in trouble, using best business practice to turn them around.

The bmm mentors have had the privilege of working with some great people and worked for some of the best companies in the world, taking advantage of their excellent in-house business and management training, this combined with experience has given bmm the confidence to take on many new business opportunities.  Determination is also essential and is bmm's trademark!

Through bmm's network of mentors bmm can now offer experience and skills that are second to none, through the use of professional mentoring programs and personal mentoring, bmm will help individuals and busineses really achieve their true potential. 

New Website Consultancy Service…..'Website Templates'

Online technology trends are continuing to develop and every business is impacted by web technology inovations. This is where bmm can help, our mentors can help you device the best web technology for your business. Whether you are looking to start selling online or building a global presence we can be there to advice.

First things first, are you online? do you have the right domain name? Sometimes you may need to test the market first before committing to significant budgets, there are a great selection of website templates to help you create a website that you can use to make your first website and get online with a professional look and feel, and at a fraction of the cost of a custom built website, a little help from a designer and you could have a stunning website that will allow you then to start testing your brand or proposition. Need more advice or help contact bmm...